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Our Work Culture

GLOBOCARE is an organisation which cares for its people. Our objective is to bring individuals together for a common cause, inculcate ethical values in them and motivate them to deliver the very best for the organization and in turn for the community as a whole. We aim to create a work environment which is congenial to all, where every individual feels comfortable.
We are a family where Each employee is treated equally. There is no discrimination and no preferential treatment given in recruitment, promotions and compensation offered.

We lay a strong emphasis on Participative leadership, where each employee has the liberty to express his views. The management has adopted a leadership style that-provides direction, implements ideas and motivates people. There is an open line of communication between the management and the employees.

Recognising a performance is very important so we ensure that people’s effort does not go unrecognised in our organisation. We are an organisation that offers Right reward for the right performances. We are already very market competitive in terms of our financial reward packages as well as professional career growth given to people based on performances.