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Pharmacy Human Resources

A pharmacy is a business. Like any workplace, each pharmacy needs clearly written and fairly applied human resources policies and procedures for hiring, firing, training, taking vacation and sick leave, and signing up for and using health insurance and other employment benefits. Evaluating job performance and communicating work expectations accurately are also essential to keeping staff members doing their work well and maintaining morale.

The intent of the Human Resource policy manual is to provide managers and employees with guidelines and principles to support professional, ethical, fair and transparent processes within The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (“the Guild”). Policies outlined in this document apply to all Guild staff unless otherwise stated.
Policies are not intended to, nor do they create any contractual liability, or additional obligation, on the part of the Guild. The Guild may amend or remove policies in its absolute discretion and without liability to compensate any other.

A position may become redundant if the position is no longer required to be performed. A position broken up, with elements of the role distributed to a number of other positions so that the role does not exist in its original form may also constitute a genuine redundancy. Should it be deemed necessary for a redundancy to be considered, managers should first speak with their National Director and the National Manager, Human Resources to ensure options have been explored. Final approval for a redundancy to proceed would require the approval of the Executive Director.